Our Story

Elite Pureed Meals
was formed two years ago by founder and president, Colleen McCloskey, who had been running an in-home care service in Chester County PA and Delaware County PA since 2012.

Inspiration came from caring for an extremely ill client who, due to aspiration, pneumonia, and a stroke, had great difficulty swallowing. He was being fed blended foods in a bowl, but found them to be visually unappetizing. He lost all desire to eat and, as a result, lost a dangerous amount of weight. It got to the point where the next logical step was use of a feeding tube. Colleen’s desire to help him live a better quality of life, without the need for a feeding tube, and to get him back to a healthy weight sent her to the kitchen; armed with only an idea and the hope that it might work.

And work it did! Colleen created a series of individualized blended meals that were not only nutritious, but visually appealing to the client. And she watched a dramatic improvement take place right before her eyes! Her client gained back 18 pounds(!) as a result of eating these meals, and Colleen was over the moon. She knew that this solution could be the answer, not only for this particular client, but for so many other people suffering from illnesses leaving them with difficulty swallowing. And thus, through a genuine passion to improve the lives of others, and a little ingenuity, Elite Pureed Meals was born.

Colleen knew that the meals would need to be highly nutritious, but the epiphany came when she noticed just how important a food’s visual appearance was to her clients. Her new creations recreated the sense of normalcy and enjoyment of eating that is often lost when a person is no longer capable of consuming solid foods. Colleen’s innovation was in the shaping of the pureed foods into the forms they took before being pureed. 

The chicken looked like chicken, the steak looked like steak, and she could only watch in amazement as appetites, weight maintenance, and the overall eating experience improved drastically!

Elite Pureed Meals was founded on a passion for the care and happiness of others. We create meals that will help clients and caregivers enjoy mealtime again. And time and time again, the direct result is an improvement in health, wellness, and overall quality of life.

The Solution:

Problem solving this particular issue, I came up with a solution: Creating Elite Pureed Meals that are baked, contain no additives, no thickening agents, are low in sodium, and low in fat.

By using my product, my client gained back the 18 pounds he had lost!

What we offer:

Over 30 years of culinary experience has taught us that nutrition and taste are equally key. As such, we offer in-home service for those in need with debilitating conditions that affect their quality of life.

Our typical patients range from children to adults 30-80 yrs, and sometimes older.

Delivering only the best quality, right to your door.

If you would like to enjoy one of our elite meals delivered, just send us a request! We will receive your request and respond as soon as possible.