We Eat With Our Eyes

The appearance of the food we eat can positively or negatively affect the overall enjoyment and experience of our meals. Elite Pureed Meals creates the best experience for those who have swallowing difficulties by producing high quality, nutritious and visually appealing meals. The food crafted by Elite Pureed Meals shows people that we eat first with our eyes, taking in the appearance of the meal and then deciding if it will be appetizing. They do this by pureeing nutritious meals and then recreating them into their original, visually appealing form. Elite Pureed Meals proves that even food can bring about love at first sight.

The plating of meals is an influential part of the eating experience. According to Chef Shaya, from At Your Palate, “plating dishes is one of the most careful and important tasks of chefs around the world. Chefs take time to plate their dishes solely to make the food appealing to those consuming it.” Chef Shaya writes about a study done by Polytechnic University of Valencia and Oxford University, published in the Journal of Sensory Studies. This study reported that even the color of the plate that the meal is served on could alter the perceived flavors of the food itself. This shows the importance of the color and appearance on a person’s overall enjoyment of the meal.

When we eat with our eyes first, we are influenced by more than just the color of the meal. Nina Marinello, from Times Union, explains that the shape and size of food is extremely important to how appealing the meal will be. She states that the shape and size of the food helps people believe that they will enjoy the meal even before eating it. The appearance, according to Marinello, gives them the sense they will be satisfied by the meal after they consume it. This helps encourage those suffering from dysphagia to see it is possible to enjoy your meal even from first glance.

The color and shape of your food can influence how you perceive the quality of what you are about to enjoy. Elite Pureed Meals proves this to those with swallowing difficulties by showing them that eating with their eyes is the first step to a delicious and nutritious meal.

Elite Pureed Meals is dedicated to preparing meals that emulate the size, shape and color of a traditionally prepared meal. This provides people with swallowing difficulties an opportunity to enjoy their meals with both their eyes and their palates. The care and detail that goes into the presentation, quality and enjoyment of our meals is our recipe for a satisfied customer.

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